mist iv


If it were true


that people cannot breathe underwater


it would not make sense


how their most deep secrets


lie in the bottom of the sea.


That would mean


they would be impossible to reach


as everyone would die trying.


i.e., 1980, Bester Yelling



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Antoine in Japan


“Dear Antoine,

I hope this letter finds you well. I hope you have cleared the dirt from your throat and that the nice view can help you keep you mind of the cold. 

Here it is very cold too. 

Antoine, my love, this is all bullshit. I should have never left you alone in Japan. We would have found a way to overcome our differences. 

Please forgive me. 



p.s. This waltz is for you: 


Letters to a dead cat, 2010, Vanessa Darlin


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“Soon, I am sure that device will be found. It may be a tube far hidden under the mountains and the trees. Maybe quietly laid in the bottom of the seas. Or a silver line held in the mouths of a million spiders.

It will be very difficult to construct but it will be all worth the trouble, as nothing said through it will ever reach its way to anyone’s consciousness. It will remain a said and a secret at the same time. Like a carefully deleted memory.

Like a knock on a door that no one answered.”

Double Deck Bed, 1982, Laureena J. Malcolm

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episode III – mina

* Invited by Kraak Festival 2012 to participate in the live performance of Alan Bishop, experimental blues performer, as the reappearance after almost 35 years of Mina Mazzini on stage.*

Mina, as she was known by the audience, Refused to appear on stage after 1978 (the year I was born), to remain an eternal icon for her fans.

* Episode I of Transformation here*

* Episode II of Transformation here*

*Nick Olsouzidis meets MINA here*

For them, therefore, she would not age.

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Nick Olsouzidis meets Mina

Nick Olsouzidis, a young and very talented musician and sound designer meets the photocall of the transformation to Mina.

And we are oh, so proud for the result. Way to go Nick!

Watch it here!!

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City Streets II

“The longer you let them run, the bigger the pleasure is. If you let them run fast and breathe to all the extends of their lungs, pump their hearts away, to the point they only listen to their hectic sound of breathing, that’s the point you should pull the trigger. When they have just started hearing freedom approach with a whispering, calling song which is still unmistakably interrupted by the true voice of your bullet.”

The Man Hunter’s Guide, 1942, Perry Lewis

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“Oh, Bernard, stop it, please. As it would be needless to say anything really.

Nothing you could say could be true. You are too young. Truth is invisible to the young, you see, Bernard? It becomes obvious only when the warm light of death flickers through soft leaves, in back yards, where you stay to rest for one minute, just to catch your breath or something, and suddenly youth is gone. You see…? You may even take a step back to avoid the inescapable. And there… You pull your head up and you know: Youth is gone, and the complete desert of truth lies in front of you.”

The last 2 days of my mother, 1973, B. Melderick

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Love me

“Love me

-I can’t hear you but -

Love me

- I can’t see you but -

Love me

with your arms and breasts and eyes

Love me

till there is no lust anymore

and then exhausted

you love me all over again.”

Last Aid Kit, 1986, Morgan Blue

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in the water

“Today we went to the sea. It was underwater so it was very difficult to talk. This was not bad at all. I had nothing to say anyway…”

The diary of a young jellyfish, 1902, Jessica P. Lewman

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ob·ject [n. ob-jikt, -jekt; v. uhb-ject], noun :a person 

or thing with reference to the 

impression made on the mind 

or the feeling 

or emotion 

elicited in an observer. 

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